Thursday, April 1, 2010

Commitment Phobia

I'm a nomad. Since graduating high school I have resided in 8 different places. Yes...eight places in 9 years. (With a few additional in and out of storage moves in between.)

I like for my residence to feel "homey," however deep down inside I realize that I'm in yet another apartment and it's hard to settle in. I unpack all of the boxes and hang curtains and do a bare minimum of decorating.

Enter the phobia - I don't like the commitment of hanging things on the walls. It feels too permanent. It leaves behind the holes that I'll have to patch up the next time I move. It also takes a lot of effort to pick out the pictures and to dig out the frames and to find the right place and to get it level. So I usually just look at bare walls.

Last March, I decided that I would be proactive about hanging things up. I even spent an entire afternoon finding the perfect pictures to put in my hallway. I added a few other things in the living room and then I stopped.

After my trip to Peru last summer, I thought it would be nice to make a little "Peru corner" in my dining area. I ordered the pictures, bought the frames and shelves, and got everything ready. Then I left it sitting on the floor waiting to go on the wall. The layer of dust I wiped off the pictures last weekend suggests that they spent approximately 4 months just waiting to go on the wall.

At last. . . here's how it turned out:

Now to tackle the bare walls in my bedroom . . .

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  1. Oh, oh...I want to play! I LOVE hanging things on walls. As soon as the furniture is in its place in any of my dwellings the walls are next. I did my count and since graduating high school I have moved 9 times not including having to move out of the dorm at mid semester twice!