Sunday, February 13, 2011

Your Love is a Song

In honor of the Grammy's and Valentine's Day, here's my list of top 10 love songs.  I broke it into two parts to make it more interesting.  :)


Top 5 Saddest Love Songs

5. Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

You loved him, but now you don't.  And, there are some powderkegs.  And, the music video is really disturbing.


4. My Immortal – Evanescence

Beyond the lyrics, the pain in her voice just makes you want to cry.


3. You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol

Letting go of someone you love because it's best for them.  Always hurts.


2. Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) - The Script

This is the ultimate break up song.  Doesn't it always seem like you're stuck with the raw end of the deal?  They're moving on and you're still miserable??  Ugh...


1. Grenade - Bruno Mars

Bruno is gold in the pop world right now.  The hyperbolic (...I hope) song is about being willing to give everything for someone, but they don't return the feeling.  Oh, the pain of unrequited love. 


Top 5 Best Love Songs

5. The Way You Look Tonight - Tony Bennett & At Last - Etta James

I know I picked two, but they're classics.


4. I Will Be Here - Steven Curtis Chapman

This song still makes my heart sigh.  Did you know that he wrote it to his wife after her parents got divorced?  


3. The Other Side of Me - Michael W. Smith

This song is actually part of a trilogy.  It's always stuck with me as a very genuine song.


2. The Only Exception - Paramore

I know this one is popular and will probably be destroyed by being overplayed, but it resonates with this generation.  Choosing to love is hard, but worth it. 


1. Head Over Heels (In This Life) - Switchfoot

This is not a traditional love song, but it's been my favorite since their Oh, Gravity album was released. Here's a little excerpt for you:


In this life, you're the one place I call home

In this life, you're the feeling I belong

In this life, you're the flower and the thorn

You're everything that's fair in love and war



Do you agree/disagree?? What songs would you have picked?


P.S. The title is another Switchfoot song I love. In fact, it's my ringtone. J


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