Sunday, May 27, 2012

New York City - Part 1

Remember that trip I took to New York City?  It was only a month ago, but it seems like a lifetime.  I wanted to share my adventures (and tips) from my day in NYC.  I’m sure mom (and my three friends that read my blog) will appreciate it. J
You may ask, why only one day?  Was it worth it for such a sort trip?  Yes, yes it was.  Going to NYC was on the top of my list of things to do in life and I was determined to seize the opportunity.  And that’s what life’s about, right?  Taking advantage of those crazy moments.  Kinda like that weekend in college when we took a roadtrip from Abilene to Gatlinburg.  (But that’s another story…)
Getting There
After weighing our options – driving was out of the question and train tickets were too pricey – we opted for the MegaBus.  It was $50 roundtrip and actually quite comfortable.   Just in case you’re ever planning to take a MegaBus from the White Marsh Park & Ride in Baltimore, I highly recommended getting there extra early.  The parking lot is not very big and was already full from Thursday/Friday passengers.  It would be possible to walk over from the IKEA parking lot if needed, but we got there an hour early and were able to find a spot.  Our bus left at 6:30 a.m.  I was determined to stay awake to see all the state border signs (which I did), but I managed to catch a few catnaps in between.
Tracy’s Tip: Take the MegaBus and get there early to park.
On the MegaBus!
Making a Game Plan
Laura had been to NYC before, so she let me choose what I most wanted to do.  I narrowed it down to three things: see a Broadway musical, go to Liberty Island & Ellis Island, and visit Central Park.  We mapped out a route the night before and decided that we would take two subway trips and do the rest of our traveling on foot.
The Arrival
I was practically bouncing in my seat when the bus arrived in NYC.  The MegaBus dropped us off by Madison Square Gardens, so we decided to hop on the subway at Penn Station.  Finding a booth that sold Metro tickets in the train station was a little more difficult than expected, but we finally managed to get tickets and find the right train.
Buying Broadway Tickets
 Securing tickets to an evening musical was first on our list of priorities.  After extensive research, we figured out that it would be much smarter to go to the South Street Seaport TKTS booth because evening tickets went on sale at 11 a.m. (instead of 3 p.m. at the Times Sq. booth.)  We got there around 10:30 and joined the line.  While we waited for it to open, we tried to narrow down the potential choices.  Laura’s the musical expert, so I asked her to pick her top three choices.  We decided that Porgy & Bess was the best option because it starred Audra McDonald.  No one around us was even talking about it and we were thrilled to get tickets in our price range. 
We got the tickets
Tracy’s Tip: Buy discount Broadway tickets on the day of the show at the South Street Seaport TKTS location.

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