Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Weekend: A Summary

Premium Rush.  Sleep in.  Lemon poppyseed pancakes.  Netflix.  Home Slice Pizza.  Friends.  Laughter.  Peru memories.  Kids chosen.  Nap time.  Grocery shopping.  Hunger Games.  Productivity.  Mandola's.  Errands run.  TOMS shoes.  Wasp in house.  Cake baked.  Dishes washed.  Early to bed. 

All in all, I'd consider it a successful weekend.  A smidge of work balanced with a heavy dose of doing whatever I want to.  Just what I needed to refresh and prep for week two of school. 

Did you notice that I bought a pair of TOMS this weekend??  I'm so excited about them.  I've always been interested in the cause, but I decided I needed to be more proactive in my support after I found out that TOMS visited my kids in Peru!

Check out this video.  Those precious little boys in the blue shirts are the ones I work with each summer!!! :)

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