Thursday, May 20, 2010


Every teacher reaches that time of year when they know it is in the best interest of everyone that things wrap up quickly and smoothly.
I know you think that kids are the ones that most need a break. This is not true. Young children recharge over a weekend...and sometimes overnight, but adults need a considerably longer amount of time away from the source of the "issue" in order to completely recover.

Top Ten Signs It's Time for Summer Break:

10. I can't remember the last time I brought home work to grade
9. I've stopped buying lunch stuff and just take whatever happens to be on top in the pantry
8. The dust on top of the pass along box of student files is almost 1/4 inch
7. All of the student headphones in my room are broken...ALL of them
6. I'm overcome with the itch to take down all of my bulletin boards
5. The desks in my room take on crazy configurations (none of the normal group stuff)
4. I'm giving up precious weekend/socializing time to take pack up my classroom
3. I didn't bother to get folders/school supplies for my new student (what's the point?)
2. DRA tests are finished!
1. I missed 3 days last week, two mornings this week and I'm still considering the need for a personal day between now and the end of the year :)

By the way, there's only 8 1/2 days left! The end is in sight!

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  1. You will survive and just think how much sweeter the summer will be knowing your made it through these last crazy, hectic, exhausting days. You can do it!