Friday, May 28, 2010

Life after LOST

LOST was one of the few shows that I watched from beginning to end. (The only other two I can think of are Felicity and Home Improvement.) My experience with LOST began in the fall of 2005. We would wrap up Wednesday night devo no later than 8:15, shush the talkers, and become absorbed in this mysterious other world. It was really about the community experience. We would share theories, connections, and the lastest news from the internet. I became so addicted that I rented and watched all of season one over Christmas break.

Then things changed. LOST moved from Wednesday nights. Life got busy. Thankfully Hulu came along and I was able to catch up on shows that I missed, but the experience just wasn't the same. In the end, I was caught up in the joy of the reunion and honestly didn't care about the unanswered questions. Someday I'll watch it all again just to catch some more of the little tidbits that I missed the first time around.

What can fill the LOST void? Well...nothing, but here are some shows I recommend:

It's CSI without the gore, more interesting science, and great characters. Plus David Boreanaz.
Why you should watch it: Did I mention David Boreanaz? It's also witty and interesting.
Status: Season 5 just ended. I've only seen some of seasons 1-3, so I plan to catch up this summer.

The best fake detective show ever. Every episode makes me laugh out loud.
Why you should watch it: James Roday is hilarious. USA isn't kidding with their "characters welcome" slogan. This show truly brings out the best of the craziest characters.
Status: Season 5 starts July 14th. Set your DVRs now!

A delightful show for music geeks and anyone who secretly enjoys teenage soap operas. (I might have watched the first 13 episodes in one day.)
Why you should watch it: Again with the characters - Rachel Berry, Sue Sylvester, Emma Pillsbury, Brittany - each quirky one pulls the whole show together. And the singing is awesome.
Status: Two shows left in season one. :(

The Bachelorette
Let it be known that I am not proud of this weakness...and that I don't even care for Ali. I guess I am a sucker for hyped up drama in a "reality" setting.
Why you should watch it: You should only watch it if you plan to read Lincee Ray's comments on Lincee is not afraid to say what she really thinks (and what you were probably thinking too.)
Status: Just started the new season

I'll probably also tune in to the summer seasons of Royal Pains and Burn Notice (both start June 3.) Did I mention that I like the shows on USA?

What do you like to watch? Am I missing out on any awesome shows this summer?

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