Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer: A Summary

I'm feeling overwhelmed, which has led to blogging procrastination. There's just too much to tell about my summer! So I'll sum it up:

School's out! Colorado. Buddy & Jessica's wedding. Lots of driving. 5th grade summer school. TAKs test. Pool. Friends. Register for grad school. Free time? Packing at Cyndy's. Oreo balls. More swimming. Peru planning. Peru packing. PERU! New friends. Old friends. Cesar Vallejo boys. Churros. Hot chocolate. Translators. BFFs. Cusco. Pisac & llamas. Meet up with Mom & Dad. Machu Picchu. Hard to leave. Austin is hot. PD classes. Fly to Michigan. Overnight in MSP. Rachel & Chris' wedding. Shopping. Back to Texas. Summer's over. Start school!

Obviously there's much more I need to share about my Peru adventures. Until I make time to blog about that, you'll have to be satisfied with a few pictures.

Cesar Vallejo Casa

Kaci, Tracy, Andres, Alejo, Carlos, Tamara

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